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“Now I know what PAIN FREE feels like”

“I stepped out of the shower and didn’t feel the “pins and needles” in my feet, I literally just cried! – NOW I know what pain free feels like!” – Kay Cool, Port St. Lucie, FL.


“For the 1st time in 9 years – I am prescription FREE”

“For the first time in 9 years I am prescription FREE.” – Alison Butler, Port St. Lucie, FL.


“No More Needle Like Pain”

Before I became a patient of Dr. John Silva’s, I had trouble walking because of a “needle like” pain down the back of my legs and sharp pain in my back. I tried other treatments like heat and cold packs, and getting rest; however, I experienced no response from these treatments, or any relief. Dr. Silva and the staff show honest concern and caring. After two weeks of being treated with the DTS decompression table, I have NO MORE needle like pain in my legs and my back pain has improved. I have experienced a 55% improvement over all. I even referred my neighbor to Dr. Silva once they noticed my change and positive improvement. – Linda B. – Port Saint Lucie


“Almost had surgery!”

I was seriously thinking about going for surgery to relieve my neck, shoulder and mid-back pain until I became a patient of Dr. John Silva’s. I had previously undergone physical therapy and had also taken my share of pain medication. Although I did feel some temporary relief with the pain medication, I didn’t like how weird it made me feel. Since treatment with Dr. Silva, I have appreciated steady pain relief and I am experiencing much more movement in my neck. I would certainly recommend Dr. Silva and his staff to other patients. They are friendly, professional and made me feel at ease.- Patricia H. – Port Saint Lucie


Herniated Disc’s

If you have lower back pain from herniated discs like I did, try the DTS decompression table at Dr. John Silva’s office. I was skeptical at first, but after watching the DVD that his office had sent, I felt more comfortable toward the treatment. After several visits, I found the treatments to be most effective! I was definitely feeling better. I have to say, decompression treatment is a lot better than back surgery! I have already told my friends and co-workers about it and now they are also interested in the treatment. I would sincerely recommend Dr. Silva for treatment of herniated discs. – Steve M. – Port Saint Lucie


“Suffered with sciatica for YEARS!”

For years I have suffered with sciatica. It was so bad that I couldn’t even walk to the mailbox at the end of my driveway without being in severe pain. I was sent to specialists and was given a shot in my back and to no avail, my pain returned before I even got home. Then, I discovered Dr. Silva, his DTS decompression table and the Pro-Adjuster; after just ONE treatment, my sciatic nerve pain NEVER CAME BACK! To me that is a miracle! I absolutely recommend anyone with back problems to visit Dr. John Silva. – Joyce C. – Fort Pierce


“Resumed all my normal activites after Dr. Silva…”

I had extreme pain in my neck and upper and lower back. I sought treatment at a medical facility and had no luck whatsoever. My experiences with Dr. Silva’s treatments were excellent. I got great treatment, great service and my pain is completely gone. I feel excellent and have resumed all my normal activities. – Dennis K. – Port Saint Lucie


“Best decision I ever made was to see Dr. Silva…”

One of the best decisions I ever made was to see Dr. John Silva for my lower back pain. I am a landscaper and in 2005 I severely hurt my lower back while at work. Worker’s compensation tried to help with steroid shots, 2 epidurals, 2 facet blocks and about 6 months worth of rehabilitation. All that left me with was very temporary relief and no resolve. After one month of treatment using decompression therapy at Dr. Silva’s office, I can say I’m feeling 100% better! – Tom K. – Port Saint Lucie


“They worked with my busy schedule”

I cannot find the words to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I was in a lot of pain from my back and called the doctor for an appointment. Due to busy scheduling, the doctor couldn’t see me for a week. You saw me right away, examined me and began treatment, which gave me some immediate relief. With each visit my pain lessened and the minor stretching exercises you recommended also made me feel better. As my work keeps me on my feet all day, your treatment has truly been a Godsend. Thank You! – With sincere appreciation, Ann G. – Port Saint Lucie


“I tried everything, then I met Dr. Silva…”

I had severe lower back pain extending down to my leg. I tried treating myself with heat packs, rest, minimizing activities and taking high doses of pain pills. I also had medical treatments including cortisone and epidural shots. After receiving the final epidural shot, I had a week of no pain; I thought I was on my way to recovery, but then I was in deep pain again. I visited Dr. Silva who was open, honest and straightforward. He explained my problem while showing me with a model spinal cord. As I listened to him and heard the cost I would have to pay versus my insurance coverage, I was getting second thoughts. In my mind I resolved that if I can purchase material things, how much is my health worth? I gave the OK. Without the conventional use of drugs that medical doctors would push on me to cover up the problem rather than fixing it at the root, Dr. Silva was able to help me. With the advent of technology and revolutionary techniques (Pro-Adjuster and DTS decompression) he formulated a specific plan for me and he went to work correcting my back problem. – Owen D. – Port Saint Lucie


“My son told me Dr. Silva CAN HELP !”

Thank you for all of your help. Once my son sought treatment with you, he asked me to do him a favor and go see you myself. He had seen me struggle for years with pain even after multiple surgeries. I did come to see you and listened carefully to what you had to say. I am so happy I listened to you and after six months of treatment I have not had to use my cane and my pain is at a very low point. I work full time and take walks and know that I might come to you forever. 65 might be staring me in the face as a fact, but I see 40 much more realistic. Again, thank you Dr. Silva. – Most sincerely, Ken O. – Port Saint Lucie


“Dr. Silva taught me I don’t have to live with pain”

Dr. Silva taught me about my spine and how everything is connected to it and most importantly how I don’t have to live with pain. He examined and adjusted me with the Pro-Adjuster and I experienced an immediate loss of pain and gained the freedom of movement again. I have better balance, posture and am sleeping again through the night. I would recommend him to anyone with any health related problems (and I already have). – Nelli G. – Port Saint Lucie






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